Thursday, July 14, 2011

Italian Entree With a Crunch of Garlic Bread

Well, I think the name of the place is Joe and Mimi's.  They have awesome Italian food, everything made from scratch.  yum yum yum.  And to top that off, I'm meeting a couple of friends for what I hope will be a leisurely dinner with lots of chatting sprinkled with a generous dose of laughter. We worked together for 15 years and at this point all three of us have moved on to softer landings.  Something wonderful happens when friends get together to share a meal and a couple of hours.

The weather today is cooler with lower humidity - and that's my kind of day.  We didn't have enough tomatoes to can today, so I cooked what I had down to a rich sauce and popped it in a zippy lok pouch which is now chilling in the freezer.  It simmered into a deep red color and I look forward to this tremendous way of chasing the chill from our bones come frigid temps of January. 

Well, the clock on the wall is reminding me to put the finishing touches on my prep and head down the road.  I have a couple of errands to run before I meet them - the first of which is a fill-up with gas.  Ouch, hate to see the total but a necessity unless I want to hitch a buggy to my horse. Might have to resort to that if the price$ go up much more. 

Thanks, Jean, for the sweet note I received today.  You're a sweetheart and I appreciate your touching thoughts.  It was wonderful to spend some time with you recently and to realize the value of a true friend.  Consider yourself hugged! 

I got the name of the restaurant wrong - oh well, the food was delicious and the company was great too.  We laughed and talked and laughed.  And I even have some leftovers for another meal!  And all the way home I had the biggest brightest moon to light my way.  I'm to meet a friend to check on some chickens in the morning.  That sounds like a neat way to get some interesting pictures.  What could be more fun than watching little chickens? 

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