Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pioneer Spirit

One of my friends teased me yesterday that she thought I had been bitten by the pioneer spirit.  She was referring to the canning, cooking from scratch, gardening, making sun tea, drying herbs, etc. Whatever - I'm enjoying myself and preparing for the winter at the same time.  I have been reading several pioneer books and must admit I do get bitten occasionally by the pioneer spirit.  Maybe next I will try my luck with dyeing my own handwoven fabrics with beets, and blueberries for natural colors.  Maybe.  Naah, don't have a loom...

Yesterday morning, Sweetz and I went down to mom's and worked in her front yard while she was gone. There were several things we wanted to do and within an hour we were soaked with sweat.  So, we came home and cooled off - no use tempting a heart attack in this extreme heat.  But her front yard looked nice.  She returned from the lake and came by to bring me some peaches she bought at a produce stand and commented on the work we had done in the yard. Nice she noticed!

Not wanting to heat up the house with the oven, I made a peach cobbler in the microwave this morning.  Was easy peasy and tastes scrumptious. Yep, I sampled it! Now, if I can stay out of it.

Yesterday I canned a few jars of tomatoes and beans.  Wish there were more, but even a few jars of colorful produce packs a jolt of satisfaction.  There was a brave gray bug on our Carolina Jasmine plant yesterday and he looked like he was courageously protecting his domain.  I just had to get a picture of him staring me down.  I left him alone - might have had a family in those leaves somewhere and who am I to mess with one of God's creatures who wasn't bothering me. Hope he thinks mosquitoes are tasty. .. 

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