Sunday, July 17, 2011

Primary Colors

Good gracious!  Just looked at the 10-day weather forecast for our area. It's predicted to be 102* next Sunday.  Gracious, gracious, gracious.  That's about 20* hotter than I like my highs!  It's been milder here for a few days and I've become spoiled.  Temps in the 80s would be wonderful.  But I'm not to get my way for much longer. 

We went to church this morning and the service was good.  We ate with friends afterwards and it was great chatting over a nice meal that I didn't have to cook.  Definitely not as good as my cooking, of course!! (grin)...but was nice as a change. 

I was going to can tomatoes yesterday but they weren't quite to the perfect ripeness stage, so was thinking I'd be found in the kitchen this afternoon with tomato juice dripping down my arms.  But it didn't happen today either since I checked all the tomatoes and decided that tomorrow would be the perfect ripeness day.  I have an appointment at 2pm so I best find myself in the kitchen to get these beauties in the jars before the morning sucks all the air out of my free time. 

I gave Sweetz a rain gauge with a solar globe a few weeks ago and it's been outside soaking up sun every day but did not reward us with any beautiful colors after dark.  Well, today I finally brought it inside and checked it over.  Lo and behold, there's a switch on the bottom.  Down is on and up is off.  Duh!  OK, so the globe is glowing away on the porch with primary colors now that it's dark.  Hey, not bad.  Not sure I can get a decent picture unless I use a tripod since I doubt I can hold the camera still long enough.  Worth a try though...first picture it is glowing blue.  Second picture it is glowing red while flipping to yellow.  Yep, primary colors, and no tripod either.

I bought my brother some M&Ms for his visit with us and since he died during that visit, he hadn't eaten but a few of them.  I decided to snack on a few of those primary colored candies in his honor tonight.  I don't care that much for chocolate, but he sure loved it.  And especially M&Ms.  I'd wager there are M&Ms in heaven tonight. Crunch's to you, bro! 


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