Sunday, July 10, 2011

Under Pressure

Well, I bought a pressure canner and some supplies yesterday and canned 9 jars last evening.  Haven't canned in years - since our kids  grew up and flew the nest.  But, one never knows the future and needs, so with a good harvest this year, I decided I didn't want to waste the delicious veggies.  I've given much away, but still there is enough to can a few jars here and there. My counter now sports jars of 6 beans, 2 beets and one tomato.  Not bad for one close encounter with a pressure canner. The kitchen is clean again and I'm ready for the next batch.  Bring 'em on!

Last night while the canner was jiggling, I shelled, cooked, and ate the first picking of limas.  Oh, oh, oh, were they ever delicious.  I added a few green beans to them like my grandma used to do.  Ever so delicious.  Sweetz doesn't like limas, so Yours Truly got to eat them all.  Sweetz said there were lots more coming in our little row.  Wow, those small plants are really producing.  Can hardly wait for the next picking.  The surplus won't be canned though - some things are just better frozen.  Like limas.

It's Sunday and we're off for church in a few minutes.  Then lunch with friends and then who knows - a drive, a nap, a book, a chat with a neighbor, a walk on the treadmill?  Whatever the afternoon brings will be rewarding in its own way. 

I miss you, Wayne.  

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