Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Flippy Floppy

It's Wednesday - hey, I've successfully made it to mid week.  Wooohooo.  One step at a time: step, flippy floppy, step, step. 

My mind dwells on lots of nice memories from my day yesterday, getting out, enjoying the day, seeing new things.  But the new day requires me to move out again.  Gotta.  Can't keep my head in the sand. 

OK, so I decide to head out this morning with Sweetz to get the van inspected and to get the registration renewed.  Early.  That man was ready to roll before I had even finished reading all my emails! I told him I'd be ready in 12 min and I made it!  Everything went smoothly with the inspection and we were even sitting around waiting for the DMV to open way before 9am. 

We planned to buy some groceries while in da big city and decided we'd grab breakfast. So, off we went to a neat little diner for one of the best 2-egg breakfasts I've ever eaten away from home.  Near perfection and quick!

Sweetz found a large flippy floppy mushroom in the front flower bed and wanted me to take a picture. Unusual looking creation.  Not sure what kind it is.  Looks kinda like a combination of ten mushrooms popping up out of one spot.   

While walking around the yard after the mushroom sighting, I snapped a few pictures of our crepe myrtle in bloom.  Took another picture of our itsy bitsy orchid plant since now there are TWO itsy bitsy blooms.  (Blogger doesn't seem to feel in the mood to allow me to insert this picture.  Sigh)

Sure is HOT outside!!!  I'm now making some tea and just thought about the old method of making sun tea and I KNOW it would steep outside in this heat in no time.  Now, how long would that method take?  Oh, guess I could judge it by the color - but that would require my brain to be in gear.  Sweetz just noticed the top rack of the dishwasher is flippy floppy and discovered there's a screw loose.  Easy peasy fix he says.  It's wonderful to have a guy with a tool box.  

I bought a peck of peaches yesterday at a peach orchard.  Am wanting to make a peach cobbler - but haven't yet.  Found a recipe online and might do that as soon as Sweetz finishes in the kitchen.  Would hate to interrupt a man on a mission.         

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