Monday, July 11, 2011

Missed Some Snoozing Time

I woke early this morning - oooooh, about 5am.  That snoozing shortage will hit me sometime today but so far, I'm ok.  Lots of energy has arrived from somewhere...but a crash will occur.  I remained nearly as quiet as a church mouse so MainMan could sleep.  Aren't I just the kindest spouse!?!  Well, he didn't say thanks, but he probably didn't know when I got up, so no hard feelings.  

Earlier this spring, I snipped a stem from a gardenia plant in a front flowerbed and tried my luck at rooting it.  Yep, it blessed me with a nice set of roots.  So, early this morning I made a walk through the wet grass and into the woods behind the garden to shovel some of Sweetz's prized compost.  That little rooting is now in its new tea cup home to be blessed with sun, water, and black gold compost. 

When I walked past the herbs, they were screaming for harvesting so I gathered a basketful of flat leaf parsley, dill, and basil.  Those snippets are now washed and drying.  They will be AWESOME this winter.  I'm now in the process of removing the dried leaves from a pile of oregano.  The kitchen has a strong herbal fragrance right now. Think it will make me want to cook some of the squash and tomatoes that Sweetz just brought in? Oh, and he just popped in with more - today we have a mess of onions and potatoes.  What's next?  

While walking around outside I noticed one of our tiny orchid plants has a bloom so had to grab my camera to grab that photo.  There are a few other buds on the stem which will pop out a bit later.  It might be a small plant but now has an giant purpose. 

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