Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bison On The Hill

Sweetz and I had some business at the courthouse this morning. We decided to get there fairly early so off we went to our newly-opened courthouse.  Seems there must have been some stimulu$ or porkulu$ money flowing into our county to afford such a big new building.  When we arrived, we had to maneuver the scanners with their metal detector frame we had to walk through, x-rays of my purse and Sweetz' pocket paraphernalia, followed by a metal detector wand scan to make sure we weren't toting in something menacing.  Sweetz had a pocket knife in his pocket which was a total no-no, but he was allowed to take it back to the car.  After that inspection, we were allowed into the hallowed halls of justice.   The ladies in the office were extra nice and treated us with true southern charm. We were able to complete our mission and allowed to leave.

Unbelievable as it may seem, there is a bison farm in our area.  But with it being so hot and humid today, they weren't interested in coming over to greet my friend and me standing at the electric fence.  But I got a couple of distant shots as they were sitting in the shade at the corral.  We decided we'd go back another day when it's cooler to see if they would be willing to be out and about. 

We stopped by an area with some log buildings near our community college.  There is a one room schoolhouse, a corn crib, a tobacco barn, and a larger log structure all nestled in a clearing near a pond.  Made me feel like I had been zapped back in time to 1850. Interesting to see but sure would miss electricity and air conditioning if we lived during those years.

There's a neat diner nearby so we found a booth and talked for a long time about nearly everything known to mankind.  While there, we saw several people we knew, including one of the nice ladies that helped hubby and me at the courthouse this morning.  Wow, small town friendliness with true Southern charm. And it just goes to prove you can't hide in this town because someone knows you wherever you go.

One special moment was a sweet horse who came over to the fence to meet us.  He was smart and stayed away from the electric fence cables but moved over to the safety of the unwired gate.  What a beautiful horse! 

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