Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Southern Gold

Wow, is it ever hot!! This summer has been a sizzler - or maybe I just can't remember how hot the summers have been in the past. It's only 96* - so, what am I complaining about?  Well, nothing too much.  Actually, I sat outside in the shade of the patio and read a few pages and sipped some water - and actually it's not as hot and humid as yesterday. There are no clouds in the sky but I can hear some thunder rumbling in the distance.  Am thinking we are in for another thunderstorm.  That's ok, if there's no damage - but we are not able to choose what  accompanies some much-needed rain. 

This morning I noticed some movement on a rug I had hung up to dry on the railing after the rain last evening.  And in a twinkling around the bottom came a beautiful blue and black butterfly.  I need to look it up to see what kind it is.  It certainly was beautiful in the morning light.  It opened and shut its wings and I wondered if it had been caught by some predator.  Fortunately, it was safe and fluttered down to the patio and continued to open and shut its wings oblivious to me snapping pictures.  Then after only a couple of minutes, it flew away for breakfast among the flowers.  But in that short time, I was able to admire and capture the beauty of one of God's creatures.  He takes care of the butterflies as He takes care of each of us.

After church and lunch and afternoon activities, I decided to make another half gallon of sun tea.  I'm experimenting with using only one family size tea bag.  Must say, the tea that I've been making in the sun has been awesome.  Smooth, clear, brisk, and tasty.  I'd give it an "A".  But it might be time to stir in that sugar and sip a glass of Southern Gold just to confirm that grade A rating.

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