Thursday, June 30, 2011

One Step At A Time

As tough as the situation is, I'm making small baby steps.  Forward, always heading the nose forward.  Leg out, foot down, alternate.  I can make it, one step at a time.  The uncontrolled continual crying stage has ended, I'm now in what must be a lighter fog.  The sadness is huge, the vacuum enormous.  A cavern of emptiness stretches out in front of me.  One step at a time girl...

Wayne's wife and son are requesting pictures for a slideshow.  Now, aint that the hardest thing to do.  I'm trying to smile on the phone while sifting through albums of life's memories.  Weddings,  graduations, family gatherings, activities together through the years.  How do you choose?  Well, I've over-chosen and emailed them to the family.  I'll let them choose.  My favorites may not be their favorites. 

It's a sobering path that survivors must walk.  We all are promised death, we must face it, and move forward.  My brother is still smiling and I will regain my smiles one day. 

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