Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not All Live in Dark Places

During a stroll through the yard I noticed this was the day of the mushrooms.  Not sure what their names are, but they are all beautiful in their own way.  Mostly light brown ones, but one that is bright red which really caught my eye.

A cousin sent a book for mom to read.  It was one that was given to one of mom's sisters when her son was killed suddenly and was a great comfort to her.  Now, it's been passed on to mom to read for comfort after her son died.

I baked a small turkey this morning with a fresh herb/oil rub. Sweetz and I had some for lupper and was it ever so tasty!! Had some garden veggies on the side. We sure are enjoying these veggies!  Sweetz told me over nibbles of turkey lupper that he sowed some short rows of beets, lettuce mix, and carrots.  Oh, goodie, we'll have stuff to eat until the frost kills them.  Of course, the beets and carrots will be underground so they will last a bit longer. 


And today was a GORGEOUS day with lower temps and humidity.  A fine day to spend some time in the yard enjoying God's nature.

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