Monday, August 1, 2011

Another Scorcher

It was really hot today.  (Guess I could copy and paste that sentence in each daily blog entry to save me time and effort.  Or maybe I could just rephrase it to make it seem different every day.)

Sweetz and I went out to the rain barrel this morning to check to see how many inches we collected.  I grabbed a yard stick on my way out the door so we could measure the level.  Sweetz disconnected the downspout and looked at me with surprise as he said, "You won't BELIEVE this!"  Then he proceeded to say that the water was about 2 inches from the top.  How's that for success saving water!  The 1/3 inch of rain we received yesterday produced that much in the rain barrel!  Unbelievable!  So, now he's thinking of making a second rain barrel using the purchased one as a pattern - howbeit, an expensive pattern. 

With our 1/3 inch rainfall yesterday, we collected a barrelful of rain water - but the garden, yard, and flowerbeds are looking battered with the lack of sufficient rainfall. At least we have not suffered as much as the southwest if that's any consolation.

We had garden veggies again for supper.  Must say, we certainly are enjoying the fresh taste during the summer months.  Hard to get garden flavor in a can.  But we'll be back to the purchased choices before long.  But it's been wonderful while it lasted.  August is our hottest and most stressful month for the garden. The plants also take a hit from the numerous pesky insects in our area.  It seems many creatures of varied leg counts enjoy feasting on the bounty as much as we do.  

And how hot was it?  Well, it was sooooo hot today that we saw the neighbor's cat drinking water out of our bird bath.

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