Thursday, August 2, 2012


My nephew and sister-in-law will be coming Saturday for a visit.  It will be good to see them again.  Linda lives outside of Washington, DC, and Glenn lives in Raleigh suburbs.  Glenn's wife has been traveling for work this week so since she returns Friday night, he doubts she will be coming here.  I'm sure she would love to have some downtime with the kids - don't blame her at all.  Bet she sleeps late too.  Sleeping late is always such a treat anytime you can accomplish it!  I've invited our son and family to come also but haven't heard from them.  It would be understandable that they might be tied up with activities of their own.    

We've continued to enjoy some garden produce - enough for some veggies every day - even while sharing them with friends and mom.  Mom has two tomato plants and they are producing some large tomatoes so she doesn't need ours anymore.  That's ok, I've been cooking them down to make tomato sauce and freezing them in baggies.  Cooked ripe tomatoes are simply beautiful.  I've canned a few jars but mostly have been freezing the cooked sauce in the baggies.  Might regret that decision if the electricity fails us this winter. 

Sweetz has an appointment with a urologist next week to check out his pipes to see why his PSA results are still a bit higher than norm.  He has been so healthy for so many years, it seems odd for him to have physician appointments. It's not fun to see the little appointment cards clipped to the front of the fridge. Maybe this doc visit will be the last one for awhile. 

The Olympics coverage has been fun to watch this year.  The USA has the edge on the total gold metals at this point and I enjoyed cheering our lady rowers and mens volleyball teams to victory.  My favorite sports so far has been the swimming and gymnastics.  Amazing what endurance and speed they all have.  I was never good at either one when I was in school - and I'm sure the coaches were thrilled when I graduated.         

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