Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thoughtful Dude

Driving around today we saw this accident. 

I was thrilled to see all the people standing around so apparently no one was hurt.  The lady looked pregnant and was....gag... smoking!  Hasn't anyone told her that this is NOT good! Sweetz stopped so I could grab a picture. 

It's always a blessing to have plenty of storage in  your home. We saw this on a drive recently and I casually mentioned to Sweetz that I'd like to snatch a picture of it and he pulled in so I could snap a few pictures.  Nice guy, think he's a keeper!  This was HUGE, sitting out front of a large 19-floor furniture showroom. One would have to walk under that big armoire to get in the front door! 

One day I casually mentioned that I wanted some more letter blocks so I could spell out words - like Boo at Halloween; Thankful at Thanksgiving; Celebrate on a birthday; Love on Valentine's Day.  Well, a few hours later, he brought me a box of blocks he had made. And he made them the same size as the original.    

Maybe I should spell out the word Thoughtful in his honor!

And now I need to paint letters on each one.  I have lots of ideas for projects so I really need to settle down and get a few of them done.

Brian asked us to "babysit" the grands for a couple days next week. So, we'll be at their house and I intend to take my camera.  There are lots of photo ideas flying through my brain for Christmas gifts so I intend to take lots of pictures of the boys.   

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