Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Little Bit of Family Time

It was nice seeing some of our family today.  Wayne's 68th birthday would have been yesterday so it was nice spending some time with Linda (his wife) and Glenn (his son). I set the camera on a tripod and with the timer clicking, I ran to bring some beauty to the back row.  

Glenn treated us to a nice lunch at a steakhouse in town and we enjoyed sitting around the table afterward sharing some quality family time.

I took a few pictures in the backyard and we squeezed in all the time we could before they had to head back to the Raleigh area. 

Linda had a surprise for me which she pulled out of the back of the car right before they left - it was an old tape that I had sent Wayne when he was in Vietnam during his years in the Navy aboard the USS Okinawa.  She even brought a reel-to-reel player so I could listen to it.  We listened to a few minutes of it - and it was strange to hear my voice discussing some of my college life: classes, roommate, life away from home.   

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