Monday, August 20, 2012

Well Stacked

11:45am:  The grands are having fun - spent lots of time stacking cups this morning - which seems to be a sport gaining in popularity.  They went to Houston in July for the national competition and won one bronze, one silver, and one gold between them.  I've actually learned how to do a few stacks myself with their able teaching.  Of course, they beat me at 1/5 of my speed, but hey, I've improved since I started, actually shaving off a second and a few hundredths of a percent! Not bad for day one.  No pictures of me.  But here are two of the boys practicing.  They spend at least one hour a day practicing.  Heard that some of the winners at the national cup stacking Olympics practice up to 3 hours a day. 

The stacking in the pictures goes from 3 stack sets of 12 cups through designated steps to finish in the original order of stacks.  Truly goes quickly - all in less than 10 seconds.  Their hands whiz back and forth and I'm impressed.  They have timers set in their practice boards.      

The cable guy has come and gone.  Brian set up a time for them to come to connect cable upstairs into the newly finished media room so they can get internet.  Right now the boys are watching cup stacking videos on the internet. Then they run back to theirs and try to beat their previous times.  Whew, I have to sit down to rest just watching them!

They are really fun to be around, quite mature for their ages with sweet dispositions, and very helpful. We took the dog out this morning and I was trying to put his collar on when Nolan looked up at me and said, "You're not used to dogs, are you?"  It's hard to fool a dog and a kid.  But I got the collar on!  Who knows, maybe they were timing me!!

Sweetz had them outside in their garden this morning picking the beans, tomatoes, and peppers.  I washed the veggies and they are now stacked on the counter to impress their parents!  Sweetz has found lots of small walnut trees all over the back and side yards which he has knew needed to be dug up as they are way too close to the house and if let alone to grow, will be a huge problem in the future. 

Nolan just beat his fastest cup stacking score.  It's now 9.47 seconds.  Truly amazing speed!! Mine?  Well, mine is more in the Nana range. 

I have definitely caught the stacking cup fever.  I'm down to 36 seconds.  Pretty good for the Nana age group.  And this is day ONE.  Surely I can improve that score if I can ever get to the cups.  The younger guys have really been on them to day.  It is addictive.  Maybe I should just order myself a set...and a mat...and a timer...

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