Wednesday, August 15, 2012

No Parlsey Today

We had a bit more rain this afternoon.  I didn't look at the rain gauge because the rain didn't last long.  The skies have looked like rain most of the day until late this afternoon when the sun peeked through for a mere few minutes.  Didn't last - the clouds returned and thundering began in the distant.  But rain, it did. 

I harvested large quantities of herbs this morning.  They were washed and inspected, bad leaves and old stems removed, etc.  Now, piles of fresh herbs (basil, sage rosemary, and thyme,) are drying on towels on the kitchen counter.  And the aroma...well, it's divine.  I fixed grilled cheese pininis for lunch which were divine as well.  And no herbs were added.  Actually, didn't need any...the aroma was in the air.  Just normal breathing brings them into the respiratory system and we are left with - well, what could be described as...satisfactory sniffing sensations. And no, I wasn't singing the song: Parsley, Sage, Rosemany, and Thyme.  And yes, I do have parsley, but it wasn't ready to snip today. 

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