Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic Medals

Nothing extraordinary was accomplished today.  The mundane and common were the code words for this day. 

The off-season clothes were laid to rest in the two new plastic storage containers we bought yesterday.  That was commendable.  That one simple act finally got the piles of clothes out of sight.  Of course, there are more things occupying all flat surfaces.  If a new table was placed in my craft room, it would surely be covered in Olympic time, and there would be a coveted gold in clutter hanging from...what?...well, maybe the light switch.  That room needs an organization guru to visit.  Oh, I could get it done, but what decade would that be? 

My dear Mr. Sweetz took my car and got my car registration renewed today. He also ran by the grocery store and bought eggs, milk, and OJ.  He called to tell me he was bringing lunch home so I wouldn't have to cook another day.  Nice man!  He's earned another metal.  Must be the Husband category.  No, not all husbands earn that.  He's special and the metal needs an honorable name.  Yep, yep, yep, I'm thinking of something appropriate...

Heard today that two management employees where I used to work were given their walking papers.  These are "seasoned" employees - not young folk.  They will be two more in the national unemployment statistics this Thursday.  That leaves one manager  remaining in my department whom I worked with just two short years ago.  Wow, the ax is really slashing.  Perhaps the best advice to the remaining one should be HDMS:  head down/mouth shut. 

I have permission from the bride to publish their wedding photos so here are a few of my favorites: 



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