Friday, August 17, 2012

Rewarding Day

Ahhhh, it's Friday.  Can't prove it by me, but that's what the calendar reads.  Same home tasks every day, hard to keep up with the day of the week.  Hubby worked in the garden today, dug the remainder of the potatoes and planted some more seeds - thinking he said lettuce and spinach.  We never had spinach before, but I enjoy a few leaves in a salad occasionally.  Anyway, there is room in the garden for a few fall things. While he was toiling in the garden, I made a coffee cake.  Sure was good.  It's a recipe I've used hundreds of times as my boys grew up.  Had to cook constantly to keep those empty silos filled.  But today, there is still plenty left - no hungry guys pulling up chairs to the table with forks ready.  Nope, and I actually got to sit down and enjoy a piece on a little plate with music playing in the background.  Ahhh, rewards finally come to busy moms once the little Sweetz ones grow up and move on to start families of their own.  I don't care for coffee, so my coffee cake should actually be called tea cake!      

Knowing I had only a short time frame to get the basil saved, today became the day to process up a bit of basil paste.  Just named it myself.  No recipe, so made one up to be able to save it to use during the off season.  Basil leaves are extremely fragile, so care must be the first frost will kill the plants.  Another reason to keep picking and saving what I can harvest as it grows.  Basil makes a great addition to so many dishes, especially those with tomato.  The word "yum" comes to mind as I let my brain soar to tasty foods that I love.  It's now in a baggie frozen solid.  One more thing crossed off my to-do list. 

There was a logo on a white blanket that had constantly irritated me.  I have vowed to do something about that for two years.  Today became the solution to that situation: I painted over it!!

Last night I doodled a few drawings and this little bird was the one that won.  It's whimsical, and I like whimsical sometimes.  The end result:  a white blanket with a darling blue bird painted over the irritating logo. 

And I do not know why the pictures are doing their own thing tonight.  Popping out wherever they wish and the type is blue and underlined when I did not request that. Nor did I request a centered text in the section before the blue one.  All my type changes to those portions don't last, so underlined small blue font or centered font will remain.  It doesn't amount to a hill of beans anyway's there and after all, it might be the best thing to do in those sections anyway.  Things could be worse and I'm tired and not caring one way or the other.  After all, the bird isn't real and we might as well smile and enjoy some amusement.  :-) 

Finished my book, it wasn't all that great - rather frivolous and shallow.  I'm hoping the other library books in my stash will be deeper and more satisfying.     

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