Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Waiting For Completion

I watched the Republican National Convention on TV last night.  There were lots of speeches by a diversity of people. I liked what they had to say - we need a change from the change that we got  four years ago.  Gotta do it before we get driven off the financial cliff.  I don't believe our country nor its citizens can afford the decisions (or lack thereof) from our present leaders. 

The second load of wash is hanging on the clothesline - that's something I enjoy doing especially when I can smell the freshness in the sheets that get put back on our bed.  I might have to jump into bed early tonight just to enjoy the scent. 

Last summer we planted three different types of gourd.  The large crooked neck ones were the most successful through the drying stage.  Today I decided it was time to scrub the mold that had grown on the outside which formed during the year as it dried from the outside in. How long will it take the lingering scent of bleach off my hands? My intention is to use them as fall decor - but I might decide to use one or two for something else.  Looks like that could be an interesting online search.  I've seen birdhouses made from them but since I already have one, I doubt I do that.  Anyone have any ideas on a gourd project?  

I'm running short of time to complete some mailings for my volunteer job.  I thought I would get to them the last two nights, but that didn't happen.  Maybe tonight.  Marcia has changed several items so I need to be mindful to get the template edited - at least for the September meeting.     

Mom and I went to lunch yesterday and then did some browsing in a few downtown quaint shops.  I found a unique necklace which I eventually bought. 

Saw another necklace which had settled into second place.  I decided I could make one like it myself.  It's a simple design...and I actually have all the findings - I think!  Now, when am I going to make it? 
Doubt there's any hurry...
I'm retired...
I can make my own schedule! 

And that fly that was bothering me for the last hour??? 
Well, he's now room temperature!
But now there's a quishy spot on the window...  


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