Friday, August 10, 2012

Entertaining Day

A girlfriend and I met today at a Japanese restaurant for some share time.  Our chef was entertaining as he lifted twirling raw eggs with a spatula.  There was even things flying through the air and landing in his hat.  At one point he created a fire erupting from an onion volcano.  I had filet mignon which was so tender I could almost gum it down. 

I thought this was interesting as I moved up and down roads today.  Wasn't sure what I was observing until it turned into a driveway in front of me and I realized it was a homemade camper built on the back of a pickup. 

Entertaining day but this was nowhere near the jaw-dropping expressions at some the People of Wal-Mart photos that a friend forwarded to me today.  What's with the trend of "men" wearing heels, pink tights, pantyhose, jewelry, thongs, etc!! Ghastly.  I prefer my men to be manly men. 

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