Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Grand Day II

We had a good time today - Day II of grandsitting.  They actually don't need much watching, just keeping them busy and happy, which comes rather naturally with these two.  They are pleasant and fun to be around.

The first stop was Adventure Land in Winston-Salem today.  We played several games of miniature golf and then the little guys spent the rest of the time in the bumper boats.  It was a hot day with lots of hot concrete.  Whew.  Had to cool down with HUGE glasses of drinks to keep from dehydrating. There were quite a few grandparents with grandkids at the park.  Guess they were trying to  get a day of fun in before school starts Monday.   

Then we finished our outing with a meal at Chick Fil-A.  They have great chicken sandwiches and waffle fries. Nolan fell asleep in the car on the way home then took a nice long nap when we got back to the house.  Nathan...well, that boy just doesn't seem to need much sleep, even at night. 

I washed two loads of laundry - mostly sheets - and then put a clean set on each bed.  Also fixed a supper of spaghetti, rolls, and salad.  We had pound cake smothered in strawberries and bananas with a dollop of whipped topping for dessert.  Everything was good.  Wendy and Brian seemed so appreciative of the meal since it is difficult to get everything done with full-time jobs.  I remember how difficult it is to simultaneously juggle home and job.  

We're back home now and the suitcases are unpacked and  everything put away.  We're left with a few photos and lots of  memories.    

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