Saturday, August 25, 2012

Price Tags

Mom wanted to go shopping for some clothes today.  So, off we went to find a clothing store that a friend told her about recently.  She looks for quality and classic style. When mom came out of the dressing room with a snoozingly boring blue suit on, I thought I would die right there near the racks. With a bit of chatting with the sales clerk while mom was out of hearing range, I got her to help me change mom's mind and get something a bit more in line with today's fashion.  We started by handing her a jacket to try on with lots of color but in a classic fit.  Nice.  She loved it.  Then we got a tee shirt to go under it...and a chunky necklace just made to go with it which gives mom some bulk at the neck.  Mom was delighted.

Then we got her to try on several other things and she even picked out a few jackets but I vetoed them quickly (and nicely).  Back to plain and ho-hum boring.  At the perfect moment, I handed her a jacket she had ignored at the beginning which ended up being totally darling on her.  Since I wasn't thinking of pictures, I really missed some neat shots.  

In the end, she bought both the colorful and the black jackets.  She also got the necklace and coordinating top I put together for a smashing outfit.  She was grinning big time at this point and spent some time on the ride home wondering which one she would wear to church tomorrow.  Either one will make her a total smash.  I know she will get lots of compliments whichever she chooses.  I'll try to snap some pictures of the jackets. 

We had lunch at a charming tea room and we both chose their mandarin orange chicken salad plate special which came with fresh fruit and raisin bread.  Ever so tasty and beautifully presented - complete with doilies. 
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