Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Prefer Smiles

It was a silly day, a restful day, and a SOMEwhat productive day.  So, I can't complain.  Had a visit from a dear lady and had to work hard to get her in a better mood.  Some folks just seem to need a bit of help to find their smiles.  Visited with mom today and gave her the piece of jewelry that I repaired.  She's going to a wedding Saturday and wanted to wear it but unfortunately it had lost a rhinestone right in the middle.  So, I fixed it and it looked like new.  Then she dropped it in the driveway!!! I checked it out and it survived.  Whew, for a few seconds I was thinking I might be needed for another jiffy jewelry repair...

We had a bit of a rain today.  Mr Weatherman said we had a chance for an evening shower and indeed he was right.  It came down right hard and afterward I checked the rain gauge and there's nearly an inch of water.  Glad to have it, but do wish we had had some of it in July when it was so dry.  But we survived and most of the garden did too. 

Sweetz told me again today that the garden was hit hard by the drought.  I think he lost half of the strawberry patch.  They will come back with their numerous runners so we'll have a few strawberries this coming spring.  The garden is on its way out anyway this time of the summer and we are getting less produce every day.  But we have enough beans anytime we want plus a few limas, and tomatoes.  There's nothing like fresh garden produce. Thankfully, Sweetz loves to garden so we'll have a garden as long as he is physically able.  And able he is - even at his ripe age of 68.  Wow, where do the years go?  Now I have a question... when I get 68 will I be ripe?  

I spent a bundle of time today going through old records, bills, and all sorts of documentation.  That stuff adds up so quickly, but I always know when it's time to prune - that's when there's no room to add more.  Today was shred day.  And our shredder got a workout too, even shut down twice because it got overheated, and twice with clogs.  Me?  Stuffing too much in at a time?!?  Actually, the directions clearly states that it can handle up to six pages at a time.  I only did that once and it didn't like it.  So, I usually only sent 2, maybe 3, sheets in at a time.  But it's not a happy shredder.  And I want a happy shredder.  So, we compromised - I shredded some and then let it rest.  Tomorrow should be a good day to finish that job.  And some laundry too.  Always something to do.  But that's ok, I don't really want to read ALL DAY anyway...

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