Thursday, August 9, 2012

By A Hair's Breadth

I had a haircut scheduled this morning.  Yep, an appointment which led me to the big city...ok, ok, up the road to a wider place in the road.  Ms. Scissorlady had her scissors sharpened and was waiting with the customer wrapper in hand.  But first it was to the back for a shampoo.  Felt wonderful.  Do believe I irritated her though when I got to the front chair.  But after all, it's my head she's snipping on and it has to be front and center for 6 weeks til the next appointment.  We don't agree on some of the finer points of snipping, but most of the time I let her take the scissors in her direction...with just a bit of counsel from me. 

Today, must not have been a good day in her book.  No give at all.  So, after a few comments I shut up.  Sometimes you just KNOW when it's time to talk and when it's not. I gave her a few clues to my happiness and after that I clammed up tighter than a clam.  I do like the haircut though.  I told her too.  Not sure she believed me.  But she's probably still fuming with some choice thoughts like, "Well, I TOLD you so!"  Whatever.  Maybe in 6 wks she will be in a better mood.  But it really gets my goat when people say that something CAN'T be done when you KNOW it can.  Point the scissors and snip!  We compromised.  Guess I'll go back for my next appointment...  

And my poor car's gas tank was getting really cozy with the E end.   Really, really low.  The first of the week our NC gas prices were $3.45.  Today, it was $3.55.  Come on now!  A10-cent gas price increase in less than a week!!!  OK, so I decided I'd roll on to VA and enjoy a little drive and save some buck$.  Their prices right over the line was $3.37.  And to my way of thinking, that was worth the drive for a car nearly driving on fumes.  

Saw a lady today that I knew years ago, haven't seen each other in a decade or so.  We struck up a conversation, got caught up with each other's lives, and then parted to our own lives once again.  It's always fun to run into old acquaintances and talk the blank years through.  

Tomorrow I will be meeting a friend for lunch and some girl talk.  That should be fun.  Not sure where we're going, but the location doesn't matter, because it's all about the reconnection.  Wonder if she will notice my haircut...

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