Friday, August 3, 2012

It's Been Exciting

Our day was rather normal until I received a emergency flood watch alarm on my cell phone.  And then the action began soon after.  What started as a few scattered raindrops ended with a storm that would rival a tropical hurricane.  Lightning, thunder, rain, and winds.  Not your average in any of these categories - would be better described as the upper end.  But we survived after the electricity got knocked out, even lost my cellphone coverage for awhile.  It was fascinating even though a bit scary, even found myself hanging out at the doors and windows.  Probably not the best thing but better than the minutes I actually stood outside under the front porch.  But I didn't want to miss anything!  We received more than five inches of rain in that 30 minutes - that is some downpour. 

Then after it was over, I've enjoyed watching the excitement of the Olympics taking place in London.  The USA has had some outstanding athletes and it's been a real joy watching the swimming and gymnastics this year.  Oh, there are other competitions and they have all been wonderful.  But winning those gold medals and even breaking records - quite a time of pride for our country for all the athletes' hard work.  

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