Monday, August 6, 2012

Wishing Wells

Had a little rain last evening - about 1/4" maybe.  Glad it wasn't a gully washer.  Big Guy pulled down two large tree limbs that were caught high in the tree.  These had broken during the storm we had Friday night.  It's good that these are now removed so they won't fall on unsuspecting heads during a walk around the yard.  The butterfly bushes that I pruned are now in bloom again and the butterflies are having a feast at the buffet.  I haven't seen a monarch so far this season but I think they come through in the fall on their way to Mexico or South America or wherever they live during the winter. 

The skies have clouded over completely now and it looks like we could receive a big drenching.  Or this front could move through to another area.  Our Friday evening 5 inches was plenty and we will gladly share this rain with other towns.  The garden is having a hard time surviving all that water.  Our soil is red clay which soaks up rain and holds it which at this point is not a good thing.  But things will be what they will be.  Told Farmer Sweetz that we had a good garden and everything was delicious this year.  If we get nothing else from the garden, it will be fine.  I cooked down a pot of tomatoes this morning which are cooling so I can put them in the freezer - or I might use them in a dish of some sort.  What I'm really really really wanting is homemade cookies.  Umm, wonder if they will be real or just remain a figment of my imagination?  Maybe tonight if the temps don't rise too much, I will bake a batch.  It's 84* right now and that isn't bad this time of year.
But first Sweetzman and I are headed to the doc's office in a bit for an appointment to see if the man in the white jacket can determine the reason for my guy's elevated PSA lab result.  Lord willing, this will be a minor situation.  We plan to grab some grub afterward to finish our day.  Big Guy suggested a buffet restaurant. Seems a waste of money to me since I don't eat enough to justify the price.  

We have been reviewing and revising the western ho fall trip.  Hope it works out that we can actually go.  I understand it is still quite hot down there - so we will wait.          

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