Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Just a Tad Here and There

And what excitement did you have today?  Not every day has to be one of those with a whopping score of 10.  I'd say a tad of a 3 can allow relaxing calm to the point that renewal makes it to the last nerve.  Ahhh, deep breaths.

The Mister had a few errands today and one was to a new friend's house to help him with a project.  During the visit he also got our rain barrel repaired.  And a tour of Don and Betsy's 5th wheel with 3 slides.  Now, that's roughing it!  Our Lil' Bit...now that's a tad smaller. 

Last evening we had a sprinkle.  There was a tad in the bottom already - one of those unusual amounts where it's hard to hang a hat on. Together the amount measured a "tad" over 1/2 inch.  It's a keeper.

I worked on my little volunteer project and got it finished and emailed to the chaplain last night. Not a huge task but hopefully one which will make the mailing a tad easier.  

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