Thursday, August 30, 2012

Three Tickets

Sweetz, Mom, and I went to dinner tonight and then saw a movie.  We ate at Red Lobster and my dinner was WONDERFUL.  Everything was cooked and served to perfection.  Our efficient little waitress was great but I had to look past the huge holes in her ear lobes.  Not sure why some people think that's fashionable.  But she did her work and I tried my best to only look in her eyes. 

We had a bit of time before the movie started, so we browsed some aisles at Hobby Lobby.  Knowing that I have some candles that have burned down only in the middle leaving a shell, I decided I will melt them down and make a new candle.  Only problem:  I need candle wicking.  So, tonight at Hobby Lobby I bought a little package containing ten wicks with one day soon I'll remake some candles.  But I might end up with a candle of many colors (which is fine as long as it doesn't get me thrown into a lion's den).  Well, even that would be ok, if I have a match!    

The movie we saw tonight was really more of a documentary - 2016 Obama's America.  Sure gives a clear insight into Obama's past and how it influences his presidency.  It is one that I'd recommend watching as it is very educational regardless of your political leanings.  

Mitt Romney will speak at the RNC in just a few minutes.  Wonder what he wants to say to the world?  And how is he feeling right now?  Probably fine since he has held many tough jobs in his lifetime and many without accepting a salary for years!         

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