Thursday, May 31, 2012

Zebra Spider Legs

I was practicing with the telephone lens while waiting the required 5 minutes of beating egg whites: why not use that time wisely and head out to the front porch to take a few pictures while the beater does its work???  This spider was enjoying the morning sun while sitting on a hydrangea bud.  He has striped legs and makes me wonder if my "albino" spiders go through a striped stage before they become an adult with brown legs.  Ummm, sounds like a research project on the horizon...

I went out this morning cut some fresh blooms for the house.  There are purple butterfly bush blooms above this photo view, but really was aiming for the glass of tea with a huge sprig of fresh mint.  What a life!!!

Yesterday morning I clipped a huge bunch of thyme which was growing quickly outward toward my neighbor's yard.  So, with unused snippers in hand, I ended up just pulling up all of the out-of-bounds plants.  After washing and trimming them, I ended up with two huge piles of thyme to dry on my counter.  This harvest is maybe 1/10th of the total thyme ready to harvest.  Unbelievable amount!  I can't use this much, so am looking for people who would appreciate some fresh thyme.  I use herbs alot in my cooking, but am finding 99.99% of people don't. Also, on the extreme left of the picture is my container of sun tea brewing in the sun which is absolutely the best tea ever brewed.   

Here's a photo taken from way across the room zooming in on the little curl of whipped egg whites that ended up being so important in my angel food cake. 

If I don't take a picture soon of the angel food cake, it will all be gone.  I had no idea that an angel food cake could taste this much better than a grocery store purchase.  I should have known - but I'll keep eating slices to make sure I don't forget...

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