Friday, May 4, 2012

A Little Ratty Around The Edges

Today was a dramatic day...Sweetz did not feel well.  It was touch and go there for awhile.  He's a major drama king when he's ill.  One day I may laugh about it, but not today.  Drugs are good when ordered by the doc and he's comfy now.  

Late this afternoon when things calmed down a bit and to have some freedom, I hopped on the mower and off I went to "get away" without going far.  It worked: I relaxed, I prayed, I pondered while I mowed most of the yard.  Well, mowed mostly the middle.  Ditches aren't my friend so I steered around those and getting the edges neat and tidy didn't happen today either.  That resulted in a botched-up job, but it'll grow again and I might or might not be the one cutting it.  It seemed like a decent job until I stopped and looked.  Certainly am glad I wasn't being graded on perfection. At least I know I'll never be able to open my own lawn care service.   

Our BR clock is on the blink.  Not that old either.  The time is off  somehow and it won't let me correct it.  So, I've set my cell phone to wake us at 7am.  We're to attend the grands' baseball games tomorrow morning.  That is, if the MainMan feels ok tomorrow. Guess I'll see about buying a new clock while we're out - I like the digital ones which lets me see what time it is in the dark.  Maybe I should buy one that plays lullabys...

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