Thursday, May 3, 2012

Part-Time Pondering

I've been messing around today. A little of this and a lot of the other. No reading though. Nope, not one single page. Been having fun though. Talked to mom and she's doing ok at the lake.  Sweetz walked over to her house and got her mail. Good SIL. I was going to take my bike there and back but it is chained and I didn't have the key. Such is the way with excuses. Whatever works! Thought about walking - yep, just thought about it awhile. That thought quickly slithered away and I'm left with happiness and a Coke float. And some nuts. Need to do better and tomorrow sounds like a good day for that.  For tomorrow is always a new day. 

The sky looks like it will reward us with some sprinkles but it's had this look before and not received anything in the rain gauge so I'll keep my fingers crossed that today we will be rewarded. 

The grass wasn't mowed today - the Mister says tomorrow is the day.  The neighbor mowed hers today - and we must try to appear to keep up.   Do we have enough gas in the mower or container?  Not sure, that's a tomorrow kind of question too.  Enough pondering for today.  Life's too short to waste it on thankin' anyway.  Unless I'm thankin' about rain.  We could use some.   

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