Sunday, May 6, 2012

Forget Plan A

After church we ate lunch with Pat and Wil at our favorite restaurant.  We're trying to eat healthier, so we all chose something either baked or broiled.  Sweetz and I shared a combo platter and there was plenty of food for both of us.  As we were leaving the restaurant, we headed out to our trunk to give Wil his birthday gift.

I spent this morning making homemade chocolate chip cookies for him.  What DO you give a guy who has everything...except for cookies?  He seemed to love them and thanked us several times.  While we were still sitting at the table, he had casually mentioned he's not much for sweets...and I had the sinking feeling I had made the wrong decision on a gift choice.  But he added that he would eat a piece at a time to stretch them out.  Whew, guess making cookies early this morning wasn't such a bad idea! 

Our original plan was to fill the basket with a container of strawberries from our garden, whipped topping, and little cakes so they could enjoy some strawberry shortcakes, BUT the plants decided they wouldn't produce enough to do that, so I had to scramble up the cookies this morning as my backup plan.

The mother of a friend died last week so we're meeting Pat and Wil at the funeral tomorrow.  Such a sad time for them right before Mother's Day.  I visited my mom this afternoon and woke her from her afternoon nap.  The TV was blaring and it took her forever to wake up.  Never will understand how she sleeps through all that racket.  

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