Saturday, May 5, 2012

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Following our morning chores, Sweetz and I headed out the ballpark to see the little grands play baseball. Nathan played in the first game and even though the team lost 5-4, he still hustled at 3rd base, caught a fly to get a guy out, plus made a hit to bring a runner in. Good game, Nathan! 

We headed out to an Italian restaurant for a quick lunch between the boys' games and then returned to the field in order to watch Nolan play his game.  He was a great little batter, outfielder ...

and the cutest little catcher. Way to play, Nolan!

Even though the day was extra sunny and hot,
especially during the second game,
we claimed one spot in the shade next to the dugout. 
In order to keep things fair, we rotated seats after every ending.
It was fun and kept a different person
in the shade
as we played our Rotate The Seats game.

There was a professional photographer at the park taking pictures with two AWESOME cameras
with lenses that seemed to go on forever. 
Is there a pill for ENVY? 

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