Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Worrying Gets Me Nowhere Fast

I've been busy, busy, busy.  Things to do and even more to think about.  Pondering this and that plus the whats and hows creep into my brain.  I'm one to worry until I work things out.  The unknown is a strange place to dwell.  Perhaps I need to see what's what before I jump in with both feet.  Easier said than done for me.  But I can work on it. I really need to turn loose and let God show me the way.  Yeah, that's easier said than done.  Sometimes I relax, but mostly I analyze nearly everything - especially when I don't see the end of the road.  More on that later.

Have been neglecting my photography the past few days so thought I'd snap a few this morning with my telephoto lens.  Have you noticed that nothing seems to cooperate when you grab your camera?  The squirrel who was posing decided to dart around, the bluebirds turned their backs to me, and even the butterfly had the audacity to fly away.  Well, at least the porch cherry tomato plant remained in position! 

We had 1/4 inch of rain last evening from the outter bands of Beryl, but she has moved east of us and the sun is trying to peek from behind the clouds.  It's 73* right now and just delightful.  My expanding thyme garden is outgrowing its bounds so as soon as I think the plants are dry I aim to head out to prune them back to a manageable size and snip them for drying.  The oregano is ready to harvest as well as some parsley, chives, and sage.  They will be awesome in future meals.  They will make any cook jump to the next level.  

My little mini netbook works great except I can't get online when I'm away from home.  Today is the day she will see the computer  geek to see if there's a setting that's not activated.  I have manually set her to get online via my own wifi modem here at home, but I can't get the internet when I'm at a hotspot.  It was frustrating when we went camping last week but surely Jeff will be able to figure that out.  Its intended purpose was to take on trips rather than my laptop so I would like that option to work.  And I'd also like to know how to tether it to the smartphone when I'm away from home.   Ummmm, I hope I remember to ask Jeff about that while I'm at his shop this afternoon.  Maybe I need to make a list...  

Think I'll whip up an angel food cake and get that in the oven and then I'll head out to my herb garden.   

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