Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Transfer Switch

When we started our trip prep this morning, Sweetz turned on the fridge in the camper and we thought everything was hunky dory.  But that wasn't to be the case.  Long story/short:  we headed up and down the roads toward the nearest Camping World to get that problem checked out.  

Little Bit was checked in with the tech guy behind the counter and we were told it would be several hours.  GREAT!  We ended up eating a late breakfast at the Moose Cafe at the Farmer's Market.  The waitress was real nice and she was training a newbie, so two smiles were better than one each time they saundered around to our booth. 

After breakfast, we spent some time at the vendors' booths and I bought some flowering plants for mom's two hanging baskets plus I picked up a dozen eggs and a few tomatoes for us.  It's interesting that some of the vendors were friendly and helpful while others seemed to not care if they assisted you or not.  Also some vendors openly displayed the prices while others had not one price listed and you had to catch their attention and pull 4 teeth to get the prices out of them. While we wandered around checking out various plant displays, we noticed the prices varied greatly from one vendor to the other.   And it didn't take us long to decide the vendor with the lowest price was the one chosen to receive the loose bills in our wallets.  DUH! 

Not long after we arrived home, the phone rang and we were given the bad news of the refrigerator.  They found the main problem, fixed two minor problems, and were searching for a replacement part - a converter.  After an hour or so, the tech guy called again to report they had found the part ($80) but the labor was going to soak up all our loose change and then some.  Seems every time one of the techs touches an area, that involves a $119 service charge per hour.  As the guy was answering my questions, I stayed busy adding up all the $119 charges.  Great Scott to Betsy!  Wish we knew something about electrical and plumbing issues. 

I saw a granddaddy long leg spider today which appeared to be an albino.  Either that or he spent some time in the bleach container. 

We'll be heading back to Camping World tomorrow as soon as we hear that Little Bit is ready to roll.  Then if we can scratch some gas money and camping fees together, we'll head out for some get-away time. 

I washed our sheets today so guess I better go make our bed or we'll be sleeping on the floor.  Life can be sooooo exciting!      


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