Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bird Lessons

It's primary day in our state so Sweetz and I are off in a bit to choose among the myriad of names on the ballot.  I printed off a sample ballot - now where did I put that!!!  Oh yeah, here it is.  I've done some research to help make my choices and I have notes next to most names.  Some I can automatically eliminate.  Some are going to be a close call.  There's an amendment proposal for recognizing marriage as being only with one man/one woman. Sometimes choices seem to be in the gray area, but there's no doubt how I will vote on this issue.

The bluebird babies have grown big enough to soon fly out of their birdhouse.  It's been really busy in that house for several weeks and I'm sure the parents will be relieved to have those little ones independent.  

In the past, I have seen a parent teaching their little one how to find bugs and worms.  They must have been doing that elsewhere because I haven't seen this demo this year.  But it's so cute.  Mom gets a bug and then eats it in front of the baby and baby is begging.  Mom continues to do this several times and baby is NOT happy being left out.  Occasionally, mom will get a bug and will feed the baby a piece of it as he hops noisily around the yard after her.  Then mom ignores the baby again for awhile and she again sporadically feeds him a morsel.  All this time she's demonstrating how to find bugs and he eventually kind of/sorta attempts to look for a bug himself. He knows it's soooo much easier for mom to do this. This scenario continues for hours and then FINALLY little blue figures it out. You KNOW mom is ecstatic with her little one learning to feeding himself! 

With the cats in this area, I'm not sure how she protects her little one from them, but they don't seem to bother mom and baby during this lesson.  I'd assume that the cats have had a few zoom and doom lessons from an irate mom and they've learned to steer clear...at least for this day.  But both the parents and the cats are diligently watching each other. 

I've developed a bad sore throat and I'm thinking it's going to be strep throat.  So, the good doc will see me later today.  And we'll vote while we're out.  And maybe we can catch a lunch somewhere.  And it's obvious that I need a haircut so I'll call Mrs. Scissorhands and see when she has an opening this week.  Yep, life in the fast lane....... 

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