Monday, May 21, 2012

Splashing Around At The Lake

We've been away from most internet for a few days.  Rather a bummer way to be living without being online.  I do have my smart phone which allows me to read, but I'm not very good at doing all the steps to make entries on my blog. 

Wow, we’re here at Buggs Island camping for the week - in a roomy site with a view of the lake through the trees!!  What a life!  We chose a site with lots of shade and the weather has been extremely cooperative during our stay.  The camp host invited us to join them for a fish fry one night.  Sounds good to me.  He has a pontoon boat and goes out every day to fish this beautiful lake.  Sweetz gave him a nice-sized fish he caught yesterday to add to his stash.  Nope, the guy didn’t invite us AFTER he was given the fish - nope, he invited us as he walked over to welcome us just as we rolled in on Thursday.  Nice guy - I mentioned that he was nice, didn’t I?

The weather has been superb with sunny skies and warm temps.  Sweetz and I went biking this morning and I thought I was going to DIE right there on the road!  This campground has killer hills and I’m definitely out of shape to be pedaling up these. Going downhill...well, that's a breeze.  Makes me realize I really need to do something about getting back in shape…like when I was 25 would be nice!  If I lived here, I would walk and bike every day - well, I say I would.  But would I?  Suuuuure I would.  Just like I walk and bike at home!  Sigh
Sweetz fell a bit ago on some pine needles and has decided to lie down with an ice pack to see if it will feel better.  Can’t have a sore hip bugging him at Buggs Island now can we? 

Monday:  Sweetz seems to have no serious injuries from his fall the other day.  Just a HUGE bruise, but we can live with that.  And I'm very pleased about that. 

There's a plantation open to the public in this area, so we're planning to eat lunch somewhere and take in that site.  Hoping I can grab some decent photos while we're out and about.   Snap, snap, snap...

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