Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hitch Itch

Since Sweetz and I are planning to head out Monday for a week of camping, today found me bright and early do a bit of planning and gathering.  Before anything headed back out to the camper, I wanted to do the necessary spring cleaning.  With such a small camper compared to a house, it should seem like a small job.  Thankfully, it doesn't require the time that cleaning a house does but still it's physical!  I cleaned and sprayed and wiped and scrubbed everything. 

Last winter we unpacked most of the interior to keep it inside the today it was the day to replace all those supplies in a clean camper.  Most of everything is back in its place now.  I also aired out the camper and washed all the windows.   Yep, inside AND OUT!! 

We both have our piles of clothes and supplies fairly ready at this point and we transferred some of them over the afternoon.  Mostly what's left now is the food we'll be taking.  Easy peasy, right???Things should go smoothly now for pull-out Monday morning.  Mom is the overseer of the ranch in our absence and the neighbors have all been contacted to keep an eye on the place.

Last night I worked diligently on organizing my photos stored on several memory cards and then saving the folders of photos to CDs.  It took about four CDs and untold hours of time.  Now, that's a lot of photos...but after all, I snapped massive numbers of pictures during our trip to the beaches of North Carolina this past spring. And who wants to delete a perfectly good picture.  But I did...I couldn't save them all...With the advent of larger capacity memory cards comes the advent of the ability to procrastinate getting the photos saved to CDs.  Since I didn't finish the job last night before the sleepies arrived, I had to get up this morning and spend another hour or so before the job was complete. Whew!  OK, that job is done now and I have clean memory cards for all the pictures I could ever want to take.  REALLY????  And I promised myself that I won't wait so long to save the pictures to CDs EVER again. 

I received a box from a son and DIL in the mail today.  Inside was a musical card and a handmade necklace for Mother's Day.  It's gorgeous - and can't wait to wear it.  Sweetz and I will be taking mom out for lunch tomorrow and then she can open the gift I got her.  Lots of swopping going on...

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