Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wohlfahrt Haus

Yesterday, mom and I went with a group from her church to the Wohlfahrt Haus Dinner Theatre in Wytheville, VA.  The charming theatre was the venue for a fabulous performance of the musical "Oklahoma".  George Bailey was awesome as he played the part of Judd Fry with a commanding voice that filled the theatre.  Brynna Horswell (Laurey) and Jonathan Roth (Curly) seemed so comfortable as the love-struck couple and also had fabulous singing voices.  Nyra Brannan was delightful as sassy Aunt Eller.  All the supporting players were great as well.  

The delicious chicken and ham lunch was served by the actors/actresses and was ever so delicious.  Our server was George Bailey who played Judd Fry who took care of us to perfection.  He left our table after checking to make sure we had everything we needed and in less than 3 minutes he was back on the stage in a different costume.  That was FAST!

It rained on the way and the mountain views were so beautiful as we drove past the gorgeous overlooks.  We had a talented driver who was both safe and efficient.  We had an enjoyable day and one I'll remember for a long time.  And I definitely want to return to see another play.  

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