Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dodging Puddles

Not sure about Sweetz and me leaving town tomorrow...the skies were overcast all day and looked a mite dreary every time I looked.  Told the SweetzMan that whatever we decided would be fine.  It's wonderful to be retired and able to change directions in mid-stream without a backward glance or second thoughts.

We went to church this morning and celebrated Mother's Day by taking mom to Ruby Tuesday.  Everything was nice and the staff worked extra hard to make it a pleasant experience for everyone.  We saw some people we knew and it was nice to meet and greet with them. 

After lunch I spent the afternoon at mom's house and it was nice to walk around her yard and enjoy the spring scents and sights.  After I got home, I sat on the front porch and read in a new book.  Hope it turns out better because thus far, it hasn't "bitten" me yet and I do love to feel the urge to read.  Oh well, I'll be patient a bit longer but after that --- I'll zip it back in the book bag and whizzzz on to another book - since I think I'm at the age where I can move past uninspiring books to the next book in my pile without feeling a bit of remorse.  I'm still in the "A" authors - and there are 25 letters after that! Not sure how long I'll keep the alphabetical order, but for now it works and so far I haven't chosen books I've already read. 

My friendly sinus "cold" has hung on - I'm thinking of opening the phone book and suggesting addresses for it to visit, but for now it's lingering on longer than I deem necessary.  Could be worse and for that I'm thankful.  Actually, it's more a nuisance than anything else and I believe I will look at that as a asset rather than a liability.  I do believe if we had some hot dry sunny days I'd feel better though. We just experienced a short drizzle - good to have the rain for the growing things but not the best choice for heading out of town.  Well, maybe we'll leave Tuesday.  For now...I think I'll go lie down and take a nap with Sweetz.  Shhhhh, don't let the door slam on your way out the door....

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