Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is It Strep?

Something's growing in my throat which is sore and now it's difficult to swallow.  Not a good sign.  I got out the salt and made a warm salt solution and decided to gargle.  In the bathroom.  And...it's after midnight...and I should be sleeping! 

There I am gargling - you know, head back sputtering away and...there's a spider on the bathroom ceiling above me just watching me.  Don't think I would have seen him if I hadn't been gargling with my head back. hehe Well, that entailed a chair and a fly swatter (had to look for it since it wasn't where it belonged...is it ever?) and a damp paper towel. Well, 3 min later he was toast - smash!!! never knew what hit him.  Time to chip another notch in the fly swatter handle! 

Tomorrow...well, it's actually later today is our state primary.  I've been researching the voting records and anything I can find on the internet to determine which candidates will get my vote.  Seems nearly an overwhelming process but one which I feel is imperative. Should have started sooner - all my fault.  And I'm retired, so what's my procrastination? 

Went to a funeral yesterday.  Another good lady gone from our presence but she's safe in heaven waiting for us.  Her husband survives her and he will have a difficult time - but the family is large and seems to go on and on.  Hope they take turns giving him their time and attention until he can resume life again, although it will be different.  It will be difficult - but with those grandbabies around him, he should be ok eventually.

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