Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Little Bit Is Ready

We received our "It's ready" call about 4pm from Camping World saying the camper was ready for pick-up.  Of course, they close at 4:30pm so we'll have to head out in the morning to get it.  I suggested to Sweetz that we take some food in a cooler and poke it in the fridge...then head down the road for a campground in that area, directly from Camping World.  It's an idea we're pondering since I questioned Sweetz about why we needed to come home and then head out in the opposite direction.  Ummmm, yeah, let's think about alternatives.  Saving gas is a plus with that option too.  He didn't ask how much the repair bill will be.  DUH, now I would have definitely asked that question.  Don't want to suffer a heart attack right there at the cashier's booth! 

I finished my latest book this morning and haven't started another one.  I did get my hair cut which was so overdue it was needing lopping shears.  Sure looks better.  Thanks Lori. 

A friend came this afternoon and brought me some cookies - she calls them buckeyes - look like a round mound of peanut butter confection partially dipped in melted chocolate. Guess I could pack them up and take them camping with us!!  Thanks Nancy.

Sweetz decided to bake a cake (from a mix) today while I was getting my hair cut.  And it looks awful, all leaning with the icing slipping off.  I shouldn't complain. Told him I'd make one when I got back but he found a mix and the layers were on the cooling rack when I returned.  Sure hope it tastes better than it looks.  hehe  Mom made me an Italian cream cake for my birthday in March and I have it cut in servings and stored in the freezer for special moments.  But he told me today he didn't much care for nut cakes...usually prefers chocolate which I could skip from now to the next blue Monday.  YAY, looks like he can eat his sad ugly cake while I indulge in a slice of Italian cream cake whenever I get the urge for a special dessert.  Sounds like a win-win situation.  But, of course, I get the better deal.  No, I'm not taking a picture of the sad cake - my camera would problem turn belly up and start moaning in pain.  But I might be persuaded to snap a picture if I heard about an Ugliest Cake Contest!  Think "ugly" and you're half way there...

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