Thursday, May 24, 2012

Clip, Snip, Prune

My day was ok, nothing much accomplished except during sporadic spurts of energy. Life can be lackluster or thrilling. Today was marginal. But a marginal day in retirement is WAY better than a good day at work. Mom did ok today with her wound, it's smaller than she thought it would be and has not blistered yet. Might one day, but she's hopeful it won't be anything much to deal with. I thought the surrounding area looked lighter in color today but of course the spot itself is quite dark. Looks either like a ton of old blood cells congregating for a photoshoot or else a scab is forming.

I'm coughing alot. Really tired of it too.  Hoping for some hot summer days to cook my lung germs. Think a sweat hut will help?? 

I worked in the yard a bit this afternoon, trimmed some bushes that seem to grow a foot a week just to keep my clippers busy. I transplanted a yellow lantana to a backyard flowerbed. It needs 6 hours of sun a day therefore the shady front yard wasn't the place for it. 

No cooking today, just reworked pot surprise.  With a little salt, it went down easily. Tomorrow I must attack the laundry - sounds exciting, right?  We're meeting Brian and Co. for dinner Saturday night. Hope I feel better.

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