Sunday, June 3, 2012

This Side of Perfection

Another day and another end of a weekend/beginning of another week!! 

Yesterday mom and I went to a pottery festival in Eden, NC, and the only item I bought was a pottery butter dish for the RV.  The vendors had some beautiful creations and it was time for some oooooohing and ahhhhhhing as I made my rounds of the booths. 

Here is my butter dish sitting next to a pottery pitcher which I bought several years ago.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  It's navy with some light blue and green glazing streaks.  There's a finger loop holder on one end and slightly raised sides (I guess so the stick of butter doesn't slide out).  hehe There was a nice seasoned lady there who liked to make her items with clay she finds in Guilford County.  She told me it takes three kinds of clay and had samples of each.  She hand molds each of her items, preferring to not use a pottery wheel.  There was another potter there who had a pottery wheel set up and kids were having some hands on time with it. Interestingly, there were several people there that I knew and was able to chat a bit with some of them.  I spent some time chatting with several of the potters who are definitely committed to their craft and who enjoy sharing their love of pottery.    

We began our day today with a light breakfast and a bit of quiet calm then we moved toward getting ready for our church service.  I do believe some of the congregation must have known the pastor wouldn't be there today because the pews were a bit on the slack side of normal.  One of the members filled in the pulpit and did a great job.  And, we even got out on the stroke of noon.  Imagine that!

We met some friends at our usual Sunday lunch table and had our usual blast reconnecting.  We are close enough to tease and poke fun at one another with no hard feelings.  Since both couples share June anniversaries, we usually get together for a great meal somewhere on either one or the other's actual anniversary date which are consecutive dates but years apart.  We came up with one conflict which we can work around easily - the rest should be easy. They brought two newspaper clippings for us.  For Sweetz it was about a 75-pound cabbage plant!  That has us beat for sure!  The article for me was about a large camera.  Yep, I was drooling!

One of the local bus tour companies is offering a great trip west this summer so we chatted and considered that trip.  They've been out west several times but we haven't but say they would love to go again.  Definitely something to ponder...  

We had such a beautiful day today, temps were nearly perfect after we returned home, I enjoyed a bit of reading time on the front porch and then rewarded myself with a lovely nap.  I think we actually had a high near 80 today which was nearly perfect because of the low humidity.  Our present temp of 74 is awesome and it's nice to still have some light this time of year. 

I fixed some beef in our crockpot this afternoon and the aroma is driving me wild.  Think we can stay out of it until tomorrow?  With a few garden veggies, we should be all set for a great meal or two. 

Yesterday I saw an online photography course that I'm seriously  considering signing up for.  Wouldn't cost me any more to take a photography course at the local community college.  But cost isn't everything.  It would be thrilling to be a better photographer. What to do, what to do?  Ummmm, something else to ponder...      

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