Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No Apples at Applebee's

Sweetz was heading out of the driveway this morning when he noticed he had a flat tire.  Slam bang flat.  He pumped it up twice but it flattened out in just a few minutes so there was no way he was going anywhere.  He tried to get the tire off, but that's the one wheel that must have some ruined lug nuts or threads or something...(gal talking here) so he had to have the big guys with big tools to get it off.  I barely made it out the driveway in time to head to Martinsville (his van was blocking my exit). 

I picked up a friend at work today and off we went for lunch 'n chat at Applebee's. It was nice to get caught up with some of the news from her end of the clothesline. Since she hasn't seen me since my birthday, she brought it today...A HUGE bag of pistachios!  She knew me well enough to know that I'd love that. And I didn't waste much time after I returned home before I ripped into the bag either. Yummmmm, they were delicious. And lots more where they came from.

On my way home, I noticed this truck in front of me.  Had to giggle a little.  At least we know that this lawn service company's workers don't have to find "relief" in the bushes they are trimming! 

There were a few shops on my route today but nothing really excited me.  I did go in one shop to get a birthday card for a friend and also saw a fabric store that I've been meaning to check out.  They didn't have much that I wanted though...they nearly exclusively cater to the quilting crowd, with little stock for garment sewers. The ladies were very nice and let me wander while they occasionally checked on me to see if I was looking for something in particular. They didn't have the items I was looking for, but it was still interesting to see the shop.  They carry mostly cottons and a ton of fat quarters. The owner said they find it hard to sell garment fabrics so they quit carrying them.  

The temps got up into the "sizzle" range today.  Gracious, this is MAY for Pete's sake. know the month with a hint of hot temperatures to come!!  Maybe it will snow in August... 

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