Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Son Shine

We spent the day with our son in Winston-Salem.  Sweetz had to make a stop in that town this morning so I went with him.  We used to live in this city many moons ago, but alot has changed.  Lots of new roads and stores have sprung up everywhere.  We could have gotten to our destination just fine, but we let Tom direct us the "fastest" way. One thing we decided, it would be easy to go through all our ca$h in this town where there's a shopping center, mall, or strip mall at almost every corner.

We met our son at Carrabas but there was a sign on the door stating  they are only open for lunch on the weekends.  WOW! Is that because of the economy?  Soooo, we decided to head down the road to Red Lobster where we enjoyed some good eating and quality chat time. 

They are getting a dog that they will pick up tomorrow.  Since we aren't dog people, we can't say that we're excited, but it's their decision.  Although I'm sure the two KiddieLoos will adore the little guy that they have named Charlie.  

We drove around our old neighborhood, which looks about the same even after all these years.  Found a starter home and an ender home with some living in between.  Also did a bit of shopping at Target and Home Depot. 

Also saw Mr. and Mrs. Geez R. Sweetz who were having a race down the sidewalk. Yep, this will be us in just a few years.

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