Saturday, August 20, 2011

Leave The White Gloves Home

I finally decided today was the day I would clean my house.  Been putting that off longer than I want to admit so it was waaaaaaay past time to grab the mop and cleaners.  I woke this morning knowing that TODAY was the day I'd do it.  And I had a smile in my heart.  So, after a bit of this and that, I grabbed the supplies and began the  cleaning job.  Well, that was short lived as mom came by to visit after she had been gone for a week to the lake with her lady friends.  And we needed to discuss this and that. 

She brought some peaches that she bought from a roadside produce stand and I quickly
stashed them on a fridge shelf to keep them chilled.

Then hours later, I remembered them and ate one as a treat!  YUM, delicious.

Our son called this morning so we exchanged our news. About 3 weeks ago, he was approached about an accounting job at another location and he decided to pursue this opportunity. After a couple of interviews, a background check, and a pee in the cup session...he was hired. Since I knew he was to turn in his resignation last Tuesday, I was interested to know how things went.  The office is a few miles closer to his home and comes with a salary increase, so he's smiling too.  And of course, as his mom I'm definitely proud and smiling. 

After my mom left, I got back to the Swiffer and rags and bottles to continue my cleaning session.  It wasn't such a bad project and was even quite rewarding at times - as I tackled one task at a time.  Now, I'm not ready for the white glove test, but I'm smiling, and that's really all that matters. The feel of clean wood floors and the shine of wood furniture will be enough reward for a job well done.  Now, if I can keep Sweetz from walking in with garden soil on his feet!!  We'd do better living on a farm - but that isn't in the cards right now, so I try to wait until after he leaves the room before I grab the Swiffer and swipe the floor where he's stepped. It's just better to keep the smile on my face rather than a frown or make some snippy remark.

Sweetz and son are going to attend a golf tournament tomorrow.  I'm not really interested so I'll go to church and eat lunch with mom somewhere.  At least that's the plan.

 After all that...ahem...hard work, I rewarded myself by starting another book - a western with a light romance intertwined in the daily activities of several families. This one will be a fairly quick read and then I have several other books in the basket which will be deeper and will require an inquiring mind and great memory. Both types have their importance to allow the brain to slide and also to provide mental strain. And then to round things out, I work on the Sudoku or crossword puzzles, which has moments of sliding and straining too.  

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