Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Heavenly Earthly Wings

Today has been one of those nondescript moments in someone's life.  We are here, we breathe, we talk. Of course, we are all important in our own unique way with responsibilities that no one else in the world can accomplish.  I'm just not sure what my chosen responsibilities were today.  With a bit of cooler air, I indulged in a few pieces of cinnamon toast hot from the oven.  Talk about scrumptious!  Brought back some memories of my childhood and they are usually good ones.  After a shower and shampoo, I finished getting ready and took some fresh yellow squash over to mom's.  She's just gets practically giddy over that stuff and I'm so glad we have enough to share.  We sat on her screened porch and chatted and attempted to solve all the nation's ills. Now, don't blame me for anything that goes wrong in this old world - because I tried. 

I guess we accomplished alot, because mom and I decided it was time to get something to eat.  We drove through the country to a really neat broasted chicken diner - best stuff ever.  Had our fill of the delicious wing plate and then drove back through the country checking out the cows and the horses and the tobacco fields ready for harvest. 

The season is beginning to wind down and after the hot dry summer, it will be nice to experience some relatively cooler weather.  With Irene stirring in the Atlantic, I'm optimistic our area just might get a tad of rain.  Depends, of course, on her course, of course.  But I'm going to maintain my optimism.  Rain barrel is hooked up and ready. Check.  In the meantime, I'll keep a sharp eye for rain clouds... 

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