Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Talks

I talked a couple times with my SIL today - seems she is doing ok following my brother's death.  She lives near the earthquake epicenter so was telling me about her experience at the house when it occurred.  She had no structural damage, but felt the house shaking and thought it was something at her house until she went to the front door and saw some neighbors motioning that their house was shaking.  Some pictures were knocked down, a jar of loose popcorn kernels fell from a wall shelf and broke.  She said she'd probably be finding popcorn on the floor or hiding under appliances for weeks. Several items had dropped off tables, but no serious damage.  Someone is coming tomorrow to check on her sump pump since she's concerned about it over the winter since she's there by herself.   

Her church has a memorial fund in my brother's honor and they have already collected $1500.  Linda was asking my opinion as what to use the money for and we agreed that because of his love of music that it would be used in the music ministry. We also agreed to something tangible, like hymnals, choir robes, choir music, keyboard, etc.  She's working with the Minister of Music to determine something appropriate and will let us know.  I'm thinking she's swinging toward a couple of keyboards.

My nephew wanted me to email him all the pictures I had taken during the funeral week, so sent them yesterday and he emailed that he received them and thanked me.  I had copied all those pictures to a CD which I mailed to my SIL last week and she received them Wednesday.  She used a friend's laptop to view them - said they were all good. 

Our son called today and wanted to get together with us tomorrow while the boys were in school and he has a few days off between jobs. Since Sweetz has a repair that direction, we'll meet them for an early lunch at Carrabas and then hang out together for a few hours.  They will need to be back home by 3pm to meet the school bus but we'll have plenty of time to have some fun together.  After they head home, we might stay awhile longer - we were thinking there might be a movie we could both enjoy while we have the opportunity.  That will definitely exclude the sci-fi ones that seem to be in all the theatres.  Gracious, where are the DECENT movies these days?  And the month is nearly over...where did August go?  Of course, I'm anxious for some cooler weather but that always includes lots of oak leaves to move.  Oh well, we'll enjoy that job this year knowing there are no time constraints.  And hopefully we geezers are still able to jump in a big pile of leaves without hurting ourselves!  

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