Friday, August 26, 2011

A Mile Above Sea Level

Yesterday Sweetz and I drove to the mountains for the day - up and down winding country roads and through small towns all in the quest to view breathtaking vistas.  Ahhh, a road trip at its finest. 
We had beautiful weather, barely reaching 80* all day. 
One thing I need to work on is remembering to ask Sweetz to stop every now and then for me to whip out my camera and get pictures.  Little compares to the high I get with a camera to my eye.  But there's time in this retirement phase for lots and lots more pictures.  

We met a couple yesterday who had retired to FL for 13 years, who used to live in NJ not far from where I lived for seven years.  Small world. They have traveled far and wide and seen so much of our country as well as several other countries. They were interesting to talk to - waaaay up on the top of Grandfather Mountain where it looked like we could see forever.  Not really - since there were low clouds part of that time but it was beautiful nevertheless.  During the admission process, we were given some literature to read and a CD so we could listen to a guide speak of the interesting points as we drove to each of the sites along the tour.  And up on the swinging bridge, there's a point that really is one mile above sea level.
There's even a few animals like Mildred the Bear who was offered her freedom years ago but she didn't want to leave, so they built a larger natural environment for her and her cubs.  There were some animals which included otters, deer, cougars, etc.  All are animals which are found naturally in this area of the mountains of NC.  Not that I'd ever want to get too close to a cougar or a bear...

We stopped for some good food along the way.

  And I did get a few decent pictures.  Even bought a tee shirt! 

And we stopped to admire this view as we drove down the mountain.

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